Professional Services

Bohiyaanam provides OSS/BSS professional services for the following core competencies:

System Deployment

We provide a flexible resource ecosystem model with strong back-end technical support resulting in cost savings to our customers. Deployments in emerging economies is one of our strengths.


Software Development

Bohiyaanam provides outsourced software development services for a range of software requirements from rapid prototyping to product development and maintenance. Bohiyaanam leadership, with strong software engineering background in American corporates, has inculcated sound software analysis, design, construction, verification and documentation practices among team members. We have experience with a broad spectrum of software technologies and continue to expand this portfolio by undertaking projects with new technologies.


System Integration

Bohiyaanam has provided system integration services at Network and Service Management layers of TMN FCAPS and TMF eTOM frameworks. While deploying sophisticated solutions in operator networks, we have developed interfaces over a variety of protocols with multi-vendor Element Management Systems and Network Elements.


Network Operations Management

Bohiyaanam has decades of experience with telecom network operations. We have a track record of providing high end consulting services for operations benchmarking to significantly reduce OpEx. We not only do a TCO analysis but also work with service providers to define SOPs.


Data Migration Services

Equipment and systems upgrade is an inevitable part of every network. Often the silo culture in a multi-vendor large network leads to upgrades of components that eventually result in downtime for some interfaces. We work with all parties for overall impact analysis, plan for upgrades and assist with interoperability testing.



While an individual product can be largely tested in an automated manner, interfaces and complex scenario testing across networks requires test planning, data creation and environment set up. Many times network monitoring products do not provide adequate granularity to isolate bottlenecks that cause performance problems. Our domain knowledge enables us to provide advanced testing and troubleshooting services.


Outsourced Training

Product houses, looking for an outsourcing partner to provide context driven training to customers, can leverage Bohiyaanam's extensive background with a broad range of networks and applications around the world.



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