Telecom Networking Skills

Bohiyaanam has a rich skill set that spans a broad range of telecom and networking technologies, vendor products and interfaces, and software engineering methodologies.

Telecom and Networking Technologies

Bohiyaanam team has decades of experience with telecom and networking technologies ranging from legacy POTS/PSTN to modern Wireless 3G UMTS carrier class networks, and from legacy data networks to latest new generation converged networks that support quad play.


Telecom Products and Interfaces

Bohiyaanam has provided system integration services at Network and Service Management layers of TMN FCAPS and TMF eTOM frameworks. While deploying sophisticated solutions in operator networks, we have developed interfaces over a variety of protocols with multi-vendor Element Management Systems and Network Elements.


Software Development

Bohiyaanam leadership, with strong software engineering background in American corporates, has inculcated sound software analysis, design, construction, verification and documentation practices among team members. We have experience with a broad spectrum of software technologies and continue to expand this portfolio by undertaking projects with new technologies.



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