Work life integration & balance

In today’s fast-paced and interconnected world, finding the right balance between work and personal life has become increasingly challenging. As employees strive for success in their careers, it is crucial for organizations to recognize the importance of work-life balance and integration. This blog explores the concept of work-life balance, its benefits, and practical strategies to […]

Employee Retention the What & why?

Introduction   According to Robert Half research, many workers remain optimistic about their chances in the present labour environment. Employers must remain vigilant about the risk of high performers leaving the company by focusing on employee retention methods.  According to Robert Half’s Job Optimism Survey of over 2,500 professionals, which analyses worker opinion on present and […]

Recognising Employee burnout

Introduction   Employee burnout is the tremendous stress that employees experience, which can eventually lead to their leaving. Not only that, but burnout has a big financial impact – lower production, depleted morale, and considerable product delays all cost money.   Burnout spreads like wildfire, and if you’re not careful, it may wipe out your entire team. […]

Surveys that concentrate on Management Effectiveness

Organisations are confronted with an unusual mix of issues as a result of a tight labour market and widespread expectations of a recession. Companies must decrease expenses, empower teams to produce results more effectively, and keep employees engaged and satisfied if they are to avoid losing them. According to the most recent job data, the […]

Talent Acquisition & the building process

Successful organizations are built on talented teams. However, talented people do not usually come knocking on your door; you must actively seek them out. If you want to see your firm beat its competition by looking for, discovering, recruiting, and retaining the greatest personnel available, you need to implement a talent acquisition strategy.   The process […]

Feedback Sandwich: Making managers better

Your supervisor arrives at the point in the dialogue where areas for improvement must be discussed. And your manager gives you great feedback at the start of the conversation. In fact, they say you did an excellent job with a customer demo last quarter. However, somewhere in the course of the chat, they stated that […]

Helpful ways to decrease stress at workplace

According to 2021 research by the American Psychological Association (APA), 66% of workers consider their jobs to be very important or significant stressors, which is an increase of 2% over the previous year.   Stress can serve as an incentive to do work quickly and efficiently, therefore it’s not always a bad thing. But excessive stress […]

Workplace Sexual Harassment A problem & the solution

Although it frequently occurs, workplace harassment is seldom discussed openly in most workplaces. An abusive and toxic workplace results from workplace harassment. Because so many people are unsure of what constitutes workplace harassment, the majority of incidents go unreported. We’ve all experienced toxic work conditions, which lead to a high employee turnover rate. But have […]

Modern Guide to Performance Management

It can be quite difficult to manage a staff in the twenty-first century. Today’s workers look for an experience rather than just a profession. It might be ineffective to try and keep such a demanding workforce using out-of-date employee engagement techniques.   The only environment that can support this generation of “job hoppers” is one that […]

Influence of Culture in the workplace

Although while the word “culture” has been used throughout history, it is not the same as symbols and hieroglyphics, which are neither ancient nor dormant. The truth is that it thrives and constantly influences all aspects of our everyday life, including, to mention a few, your beliefs, your passion, your behaviour, and your ambition. It […]