Using social media for Recruiting in companies

Despite the opportunity to engage with and hire millions of applicants, social media recruiting is still not widely used by businesses, and those who have, frequently do so without a clear plan.   Although it requires some effort to do it correctly, using social media for recruiting can be a significant advantage. You may learn […]

2023 Trends in Recruiting

A significant shift in the talent market occurred in 2022. Applications decreased dramatically while job openings soared. Job seekers gained authority. Employers have to work harder to draw in excellent candidates. The best recruiters are revising their recruiting strategies in the current candidate’s market to get off to a strong start and draw top talent […]

Value of Internships for your organization

Educational institutions can improve student enrollment and prepare their curriculum by offering internship programmes. Internships give students experience with real-world jobs. Internships give businesses valuable employees and qualified job applicants since employers prefer business graduates with the necessary abilities and practical knowledge. By providing organizations with trained personnel, internship programmes enable students to receive training […]

Recruitment from the lens of the Candidate

Recruitment as an experience is something that is always noticed as a process from the recruiter’s side. We see the ways recruiters make it a well-structured balance of understanding the different niches a candidate can provide and how to integrate the candidate into a thriving environment.   But there is also a very delicate matter of […]

What is Quiet Quitting culture?

Quiet quitting is becoming more popular as an apparently silent but forceful protest against this unsustainable way of living and working. This is somewhat different from someone “checked out” because they are frustrated, overwhelmed, or already have one foot outside the door. Instead, quiet quitting is more of a collective movement, where people are choosing […]

The Smart Guide to Killer Resumes

One of the best things you can do for your job, whether you’re fresh to the industry or seeking a shift, is to create a standout CV. Even if writing is not your strongest skill, you may still create a compelling resume to impress potential employers. The word “Resume,” which is also spelled résumé, derives […]

Potential Hiring for Dummies

Potential Hiring for Dummies

For many employers, addressing the rising skills gap is a significant problem, but failing to hire for potential is a glaring mistake that many can make. When an employer makes a hiring decision based on potential, they agree to work with applicants who may not initially have the required technical abilities but who do have […]

How to select the right recruitment agency for your organization? 

You know that feeling when you are window shopping, and everything on the display just seems to be screaming, ‘pick me, pick me. That is basically every employee signaling at every employer. Sometimes you like their face, but their credentials don’t suit you, sometimes you like their experience but their attitude does not seem to […]