We know what an RPO is, because Bohiyaanam Talent has a blog for that! We also have a base knowledge of the different types of models of RPO, because Bohiyaanam Talent has a blog for that too! But we will be refreshing our memories so we can understand how to select the right kind of RPO model for your organization. 

The most effective strategy for a recruiting agency is to increase its talent pool, improve applicant search, and manage time restrictions and variable hiring demand through recruitment process outsourcing (RPO). By providing outsourced recruitment services including talent sourcing, payroll management, timesheet management, full-cycle recruiting, CV formatting, and accounts payable, an RPO service partner like Bohiyaanam Talent can assist staffing firms in the recruitment of top personnel.  

There are four different types of RPO, we have spoken about on our previous blog, that businesses should be aware of when looking into recruitment process outsourcing. Those four are: 

RPO relations to your Company’s Growth  

Students in high school and the early stages of college should take advantage of the chance to “test drive” a career in a field they feel qualified for. Internships can offer invaluable knowledge in addition to professional work experience. A student who excels in math and thinks they will become an investment banker eventually may believe they will follow a long line of financial experts in their family. A student’s choice of college or major may be influenced by the results of a finance internship, which may confirm this is the case or may turn out to be very different from what the student had anticipated. After selecting a major, college students may find out through an internship whether they are on the proper road or whether they need to make some changes. 

RPO services have only lately established a reliable presence in the recruiting and recruitment market as a result of people staying in their jobs and employers for extended periods of time. Agile and adaptable HR professionals put in the time and effort to find and onboard fresh talent now that times have changed. Today’s skillsets are both in short supply and oversupply, so we must mix them. 

In today’s intensely competitive business environment, being able to attract, engage, and eventually hire top personnel has emerged as one of the greatest competitive advantages a company could have. However, more companies are turning to recruitment process outsourcing as they struggle to find talent and lack the funds or resources to step up their recruiting efforts (RPO). Employers can take advantage of the knowledge, vast candidate sources, and cutting-edge recruiting technologies by outsourcing all or a significant portion of the talent acquisition process to highly specialised RPO providers. This will help them hire the finest candidates possible. 

You should receive an implementation plan from your RPO provider so that you can accomplish your objectives without interference. In order to do this, the staffing agency must provide the outsourcing partner with the necessary information, pertinent data, a recruitment deadline, and a recruitment implementation procedure. Although the majority of RPOs use a common template for the recruiting implementation process, every organisation has unique needs that necessitate the use of an appropriate implementation strategy. 

A few questions that should be asked to determine what model is suitable for your organisation, would be: 

  1. What size of company do you have experience working with? 
  2. What specific services do you offer? 
  3. Do you have relevant experience in our industry or a similar industry? 
  4. Which technology platform do you use? 
  5. What’s your experience with compliance requirements in our industry? 
  6. Do you work onsite or offsite?
  7. Do you compose job descriptions? 
  8. How will you understand our company? 
  9. What is your standard process to identify the talent who will be the right fit?
  10. How will you work with our internal team? 
  11. How do you maintain effective communication between candidates and hiring managers?

How do you choose the ideal RPO recruiting model for your business, no matter how big, how little, or in between? Most hiring managers and recruiters still have questions about RPO, so we’re here to help. 

How to choose an RPO Model for yourself?  

The finest RPO model manages permanent, temporary, and contract employees and has a broad network, focused resources, and experience that strengthens the talent pipeline. Standards for compliance management are still a complicated subject, but you won’t have to bother about them anymore. 

Now the easy understand of which you can choose a Model for yourself and your company: 


As you can see, there are numerous ways to use RPO to enhance or completely change a company’s hiring procedures. RPO can be a flexible, scalable solution that gives cost reductions of more than 60% to 75% compared to traditional staffing firms for all types of projects, including Enterprise, Contingent, and any Project.

Visit our website to learn more about Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Services from Bohiyaanam if you’re looking for cutting-edge talent acquisition solutions for your business, division, or any significant project. 

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